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How To Post Pictures on
Ms. Ellowyne And Friends

First you need to have an online photo album - a lot of people here use Photobucket (click to go to the website) - there you can register (IT'S FREE) and begin naming your photo albums and uploading pictures to it.

Once your pictures are uploaded and stored there - when you place your mouse pointer over one of your pictures - you will see a drop-down box - to post that picture here use the bottom code (IMG CODE) copy it and then paste it inside the message box on the board.

The code looks like this:

There are some people that may have to use HTML coding to post your pictures. Your HTML CODING in this case would look like this:

Either of these will work with our EAF Discussion Board.

Before hitting the POST button there is a "PREVIEW button below the message box and you can preview what your post will look like before actually posting it to the board - once you like your preview you can then hit the "POST" button and your message and picture will show for everyone to see.

There is also a new "EDIT MESSAGE" feature on Ms. Ellowyne And Friends now! After you post your message and you want to change something you can open that message and click on the "EDIT" and add or remove what you would like.
This will be especially handy when SELLING as you can remove those pictures and descriptions as they sell avoiding too many emails.

We also have now a PRIVATE MESSAGE feature too! This allows you to PM someone on the board about an item they are selling, or for any other personal messages WITHOUT having to leave the board to email them! PM's are posted instantly so things go much quicker when selling too.

Hope this has helped you and hope you are enjoying all the new features on Ms. Ellowyne And Friends.

"FREE Projects"
Stay tuned for more information on this as these will be simple projects for everyone to follow and make some neat clothes, props and other useful items for our dolls.

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